Medicine Making and Sacred Herbalism at Lughnassadh

Today it’s Lugnasadh and it’s new moon, the start of a new moon cycle. This evening some friends from Japan, Mexico, and Thailand I planned a moon circle where we will share home made corn bread and celebrate the first harvest of rice, corn and wheat. What will you do during Lugnasadh?

The Druid's Garden

I love celebrating the druid wheel of the year.  Its just an amazing experience to dedicate eight days to magic, ritual, being outdoors, studying, reading, meditation, gardening, and other sacred activity. I had the most wonderful day today making so many medicines from fresh ingredients. Just like at the summer solstice, Lughnassadh is a fantastic time for gathering bright, beautiful herbs, so today I spent most of the day gathering and preparing plants for medicinal use. I thought I’d share so that you have a sense of what herbs are in season right now and what they can be used for.  Since I’m trying to replace any over-the-counter medicine with locally gathered or my own home grown herbs, I’m trying to lay in a really good stock of herbs before winter (then I can continue to make things in the wintertime).  Once I have a better sense of…

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