A BLANKET OF Peace and Quiet

Good morning my friends,

You’ve all heard me waxing rhapsodic about the resultant clear blue skies and quiet from the lack of jets and airplanes in the sky.  I had no idea how much ambient noise and “cloud” cover they produce.  
This morning I just read a chapter in “The Nature Fix” by  Florence Williams that confirmed my happiness. Noise pollution was the topic, airplane noise the noise most discussed.  We all hear leaf blowers, loud motorcycles and Atvs, trucks, and traffic occasionally, and they usually draw an annoyed response from us. But the sound of the many jets in the air is a constant “ white noise” that most of us aren’t aware of until it’s absent. Yet their decibel level is quite high. Many studies have shown the increased stress and cortisol levels associated with jet noise, especially when they are close by.  But even when far away, as they are here in northern Wisconsin or Vermont, the cumulative noise is recognized by our brains nonetheless. 

No wonder I love stepping outside my door and feeling as if a blanket of peace and quiet has descended!  How happy the avian creatures must be!  How good it is to see the blue skies of morning remain blue all day without a film of screening contrails. 
How gloriously peaceful!  I think my alpha brainwaves have doubled as a result.  Now I know why – and thought you might like to know, too. 

Ahhhh,~ Carolyn

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