Carolyn’s story: A Poem about Forest Bathing

Please meet my fellow forest therapy guide Carolyn Peduzzi. We belong to the Squirrel Tribe, a group of 20-30 guides, all of them situated in North-America, who started their practicum to become a certified forest therapy guide in Colorado’s Grand Lake. Carolyn and I had regular calls as well exchanged letters in the past 6 months. I love listening to her stories and see her as my elder, from who I like to learn. Hence, some weeks ago, I asked her to be a guest blogger. She told me it is enticing thought. However, she is turning 70 in September,  so she decided to buy a small camper and take a sabbatical for the entire year. She does not want to commit to any new project, which I can understand. With her permission, I like to share a poem Carolyn wrote at the end of our 6,5 month long practicum.

Forest Bathing

Be still my beating heart.

Be still my coursing mind.

Sit here and





Pine needles rustle

     Clouds float

Lilacs simmer

    Fragrance wafts.

Nothing has moved, but

Everything is moving.

Toads chirrup

     Frogs still chortle

Salamanders float

     Like mermaids.

Bees buzz, birds call,

     A hermit thrush flutes.

Temperatures warm,

     Temperatures cool,

It grows cold.

The pond evaporates

     Molecules rise

Mist sifts down

     Turns to rain

Turns to snow

    Turns to ice.

The river flows

     Black as a crow

Turns grey

Finally white as snow.


I sit





Euphoria claims me

Exhilaration steals me.

I am no longer me.

     I am a soaring crow

I am a silly chipmunk

    I am a beaver splash.

I am a warm breeze

     Flowing down the meadow

I am a sharp cold

      Biting my nose.

I am a giant white pine

     I’m a small johnny-jump-up

I am bowed under snow

     I am balsam and spruce.

I am sunrise and sunset

     I am day and night

I am winter and summer

    I am here and now.

I sit in the middle of so much


Holding hands with all of


It is only the lady bug

     Who lands on my hand,

     (bright red carapace 

     Peppered black spots)

The tiny prick of its legs

Pricking me back 

      To time

To my day

Encouraging me to rise

     From my Sit-Spot

To embrace my beating heart

     And smile at my coursing mind.


Isn’t it beautiful? If you are looking for a forest therapy guide in Vermont or northern Wisconsin,  where she has her ‘basecamps’, write me an email and I will bring you in contact. I hope one day I will go forest bathing and be her guest in Vermont. 

Carolyn's tuntree