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Welcome to a journey with many paths – misty, winding, secret paths in the beautiful wilderness that lies beyond our gates. I hope this website offers you seeds and ideas for your own journey to root deeper and find a way of belonging in the forests and other places around you. Place makes us who we are. This website is the documentation of deep experimental learning and published with the hope of challenging and expanding our concepts around nature connection and health. This website focuses on rooting and home through nature connection (with especially woods and trees) and storytelling. 

Visit our blog to read various stories from ‘woods’ from the whole world. Some posts are the results of explorations of academic work, while others are reflections, musings or descriptions of visits to the woods. This blog is started by Wendy (Ms Woods) during autumn equinox 2018. In April 2020, Wendy started to invite others to contribute as guest bloggers to share their woodwide stories:

These posts are invitations to learn the stories of the forests around you – not only the forests close to your base camp or home, but also forests in the places you visit or stay temporarily. They can inspire, help, even heal you. How? For each person it’s different. The creator behind this website believes in a pluriverse, a world where there is place for more meaningful human and nonhuman lives. If you like to be inspired monthly, do not forget to sign up. Every month you will receive a story from somewhere in the world.


So far we collected forest-inspired stories from …

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The creator of this website offer monthly circles under the wings of Robur op Den Eik vzw to people with links to Belgian landscapes (in English and Dutch). You can read more about the content and mission on the page of virtual circles. Currently, there are no places available. Later in 2022, we start a circle for people with links to Belgian (in English and Flemish) and Norwegian (only in English) landscapes. Contact us if you want to hear more.