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Visit our blog to read regular posts with stories and reflections of visits to the woods. These posts are invitations to learn the stories of the forests around you – not only the forests close to your base camp or home, but also forests in the places you visit or stay temporarily. I invite you to listen, read and weave your story in the many stories of this place.

The Last 10 Blog Posts

  1. Finding Freedom in the Forests and a Spanish Chestnut Tree Story by Sergio (Catalonia, Spain)
  2. Branching out: A Tree Pageant by Wendy
  3. It’s VE day. Let’s talk about Nazis and the environment by Wendy
  4. A blanket of Peace and Quiet by Carolyn
  5. I came to hidden springs and ponds. by Rachana
  6. My first #Virtual Forest Therapy Walk was in San Diego, New York, Denver, Toronto and in Belgium – at the same time by Wendy
  7. (I Didn’t Know I was) Raised in the Woods by Logan
  8. A Poem about Forest Bathing by Carolyn
  9. From Princess Mononoke’s Curse Spirits to the Corona virus by Wendy

(last update: May 20, 2020)


This blog is started by Wendy (Ms Woods) during autumn equinox 2018. In April 2020, Wendy started to invite others to contribute as guest bloggers from Finland, Spain, Mexico, Norway, UK and USA to share their woodwide stories:


So far we collected forest-inspired stories from …