2 new writing(with)plants sessions in November 2022

Often we underestimate the power of plants. We, humans, think often that we are the only stewards or helpers of the earth, but plants can be our allies too. Therefore, we organise virtual circles where we can remember their roles and our connections – through some creative practices of knowledge and healing.

Writing(with)plants – what is this?

Last year, I wrote some thoughts about dating with plants, plant companions and then we organised some writing(with)plants sessions. Please find here some thoughts about phytographia or writing (with) plants we wrote in winter 2021.

After some circles and a summer break outside, we go back inward in our virtual caves to shapeshift into plants. This November, we will focus on two themes: 1) Taboo and 2) Care after work, for which we found 2 ideal guest plants:

Hemp and the theme: Taboo

Some weeks ago, we read how hemp might have some bioremediation effects and can help clean the PFAS in the currently highlighted soils of Flanders. In this case, hemp can be our plant ally. On the other hand, hemp is a taboo plant, which can hinder seeing this plant as an ally in restor(y)ing the soils.

Night blossoming Jasmine and the theme: Care after work

We were reflecting that the previous sessions were not accommodating parents who have to work, and then do household, and therefore we will have a session which is much later, and invite a plant that blossoms in the night.

Pre-register via the ZOOM link

This event is organised by Health Gardens Brussels, International Forest Therapy Days and Woodwebstories. We have also a googlegroups where you can find same-minded humans.