A Linden Tree in Tongerlo (and educational philosophy for the future)

One of my new short stories got published as part of a book of speculative social fiction that present different possible futures of education.

About the book:

Educational Fabulations

*Teaching and Learning for a World Yet to Come *

Editors: Diane Conrad, Sean Wiebe

  • Employs speculative fiction as a pedagogical tool
  • Draws on speculative fiction and social theory to
  • Features SF stories written by Education scholars to advance thinking in the field

“Diane Conrad and Sean Wiebe have gathered together a wonderful collection of speculative essays, plays, graphic short stories, and other creative projects to spark the imagination of educators at all levels. This timely collection comes when speculation has been reduced to economic utility and Wall Street, and fiction has been given the dismissive Scarlet letter M, for ‘merely.’ This is not merely useful speculation and fiction. It is mind-altering, consciousness-rattling, and transformative awakening work. We are in desperate need for creative speculative fiction and art because the ‘real world,’ the real danger to our well-being, as constructed by billionaires and Trumpian demagogues, seems too much like a dystopic novel we need to destroy and rebuild. With this collection, let the rebuilding begin! Each chapter is simultaneously a nightmarish scenario of what the current ‘real world’ neoliberal deformers have created for anyone associated with education at all levels of learning, and Edenic alternatives offered by imaginative, creative, humanities-based writers. Teachers, students, and professors need to read this book and break from their chains of economic and political determinism. Choose this blue pill of creativity for the sake of your own imagination. You have nothing to lose but the parasitic capitalists who have weighed you down and stunted your intellectual growth for centuries.”


The book: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-93827-7

The short story: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-93827-7_28

The short story is experienced by encounters in autumn 2020. Here is an Instagram post with some photos and the musings I got: