… in Japan

I visited Japan for the first time in the winter of 2016/2017 with my brother, and decided to apply then for a PhD and a scholarship of 3 years to immerse myself in the knowledge and nature’s spirituality of this country. In Late september 2017 I moved to Japan to start my PhD which is about circular economy potential for abandoned houses, and also learned more from activists who value community and slow life, as well the perks of wood and timber construction. I did not always got it easy, and especially the things and experiences that were challenging taught me more about the person who I want to be today.  These blogs account my journey in reverse chronological order:

  1. Changing the stories we live by #6: from Princess Mononoke’s Curse Spirits to the Corona virus (end March 2020)
  2. Japanese Wood: a nostalgic story of loss (end February 2020)
  3. Spring Clean in early February
  4. Koyasan in winter- a masculine landscape with feminine lessons (end January 2020)
  5. Changing the Stories We Live By #4: Grief (early January 2020)
  6. Winter solstice and Christmas in Japan (end December 2019)
  7. The Snow White Effect (December 2019)
  8. Forests, Mountains and other therapists (August 2019)
  9. Fireworks, Bamboo and the Height of Japanese Summer
  10. Wood weaving & forest bathing in Nagano, Japan
  11. What did a visit to Japan’s suicide forest teach me about forest therapy?
  12. Birch cake and the colonization of Hokkaido’s nature and Ainu
  13. Meeting Japan’s curse spirits during a Forest Bath
  14. Forest Therapy Taking Root
  15. Okinawa: from its longevity secrets to mischievous tree trolls
  16. Become Line friends with Japanese camphor trees
  17. “Holly” Devil, it’s Spring again!
  18. Vitamin Ginkgo for your November Depression
  19. Is the feminization of tea culture leading to the loss of the zen-spirit?
  20. DIY Forest Therapy 森林浴
  21. How the Search for Tree Spirits Started (first blog, 23/09/2018)