… in Belgium

Here you can find all my blogs about or which describes events in Belgium, my country of birth. This country has not many forests, and although I do not live there anymore, I feel a responsibility to restore the relationship between people with the land there.  In the aegis of new temperature extremes and heat waves, especially in urban environments which are altered by the heat island effect, trees can play an important role to mitigate and reduce the impacts on its citizens. Belgium is the only West-European country without a positive forest growth (BOS+, 2019). Different stakeholder groups are asking the Flemish policy makers for more focus on biodiversity conservation and restoration, but also on “nearby and liveable green spaces”. I believe (and will also investigate this more) that the practice of forest therapy can help people to engage also in other activities like planting new trees and protecting and helping other trees in Belgium. These blogs (in reverse chronological order) explain a bit my journey how I hope to help the more-than-human-world in Japan:

  1. Becoming the Frog – retelling my woodwide story of the past 6 months (end March 2020)
  2. Dendrophilia in the Time of Corona (early March 2020)
  3. Let Us Believe in the ‘End’ of the Cold Season – a snow flurry forest bath (end February 2020)
  4. A kiss in the shadow of a linden tree (November 2019)
  5. Fear and Floating in a Flemish Forest
  6. Trolls in a magical forest in Belgium
  7. A Gravestone for the Witch tree and church bells: a call for a new world
  8. Guiding my first Forest Bath – and reconnecting with Belgium in October (October 2019)
  9. Pomegranate: the fruit of Yalda, Yule and Yin (one part is about Belgium)
  10. DIY Forest Therapy 森林浴 (September 2018)