… in Norway

Here you can find all my blogs about or which describes events in Norway, my country of calling. Since childhood I love this countries, with its nature and folklore stories. These blogs (in reverse chronological order) explain also how step-by-step I am making the move to get rooted there as part of being in my thirties.

  1. A kiss in the shadow of a linden tree (in less extent, but with insights about the choice to move to Norway)
  2. When a Nordic forest bath becomes a fairytale
  3. Big Pine Memories
  4. One Year of Wood Wide Web Stories
  5. Birch cake and the colonization of Hokkaido’s nature and Ainu (in less extent, but with insights about Norway and the Sami)
  6. Meeting Japan’s curse spirits during a Forest Bath (in less extent, but with insights about Norway)
  7. Sacred “Garden” trees of Norway and Sweden
  8. Norwegian Birch Bark
  9. Norwegian Easter: time for ash and crime
  10. Norway Spruce, a story about Shaman Claus, mushrooms and fire