RachanaRachana Cornelia Brand is a dedicated forest therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and based in the remote valley of Hedalen in Norway. She is founder of WoodWolfWalks where she offers not only forest therapy walks but facilitates also monthly Nature Connection groups and gives Forest Whispering sessions. All her services can also be joined online, either in English, Norwegian or German. She strives to help people have a deeper connection with Nature as she found that to be the most healing approach for us and for our planet.

Rachana was born in Germany and moved to Norway in 2016. She has a background in educational management and tourism and is also a yoga teacher. In Norway she quickly came into contact with Dharma Mountain in Hedalen, a meditation and freedom resort at the foothills of Vassfaret. She fell in love with that place that vibrates beauty and pure silence. Eventually she moved to Hedalen and works as of today for both Dharma Mountain and for Fosstopp (tree top cabins in Hedalen) and is offering Forest Therapy walks. She enjoys a life so close to nature.

In her free time she loves to write and posts her pieces under the alias WoodWolfWriting. When Ms Wood asked her to be a guest contributor, she accepted with great pleasure and gratitude. What could be a better way than to help share the tales of the woods with a growing audience? And apparently also tales of frogs to which both Ms Wood and WoodWolfWriting seem to have a special connection. 6 weeks ago, Ms Wood wrote Becoming the Frog – retelling my woodwide story of the past 6 months at the end of her training to become a certified forest therapy guide.

Follow Rachana on facebook/instagram @woodwolfwalks and @woodwolfwriting and visit her website for more details about her services: www.woodwolfwalks.com

You can read her posts for this website here: https://woodwidewebstories.com/author/woodwolfwalks/