Tree Atlas

Or “Fantastic Trees and where to find them“. I ordered information about trees, their relationship to humans, stories, medical use according to the associated region. This page will get updated continuously (new URLs, new trees), so keep an eye on this page.

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Buddha head hugged by trees in Ayutthaya in Thailand, February 2017

Asia- Pacific

Ginkgo – in Japan *** Banyan tree – in Okinawa, Japan  *** Holly in Japan *** Camphor in Japan ***  Purire – In New Zealand 

Mediterranean Region, Middle East and Central-Asia

Pomegranate – in Iran 

North, West and Central Europe

 Birch – in Norway *** Spruce – in Norway *** Ash – in Norway *** Apple Tree – in Czech Republic *** Willow – in Belgium ***

South-East and South Asia

 Banana Tree – in Thailand *** Banyan – in Nepal *** Upas – in Indonesia ***

Sub-Sahara Africa

Baobab – in Madagascar


Quinine – in Peru


Redwood – in California 

Listen to the stories of the Trees

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