Tree Atlas

Or “Fantastic Trees and where to find them“. I ordered blogs about trees, their relationship to humans, stories, forest therapy experiences according to the associated region.

Japan and rest of East-Asia

  1. Fireworks, Bamboo and the Height of Japanese Summer
  2. Wood weaving & forest bathing in Nagano, Japan
  3. What did a visit to Japan’s suicide forest teach me about forest therapy?
  4. Birch cake and the colonization of Hokkaido’s nature and Ainu
  5. Meeting Japan’s curse spirits during a Forest Bath
  6. Forest Therapy Taking Root
  7. Okinawa: from its longevity secrets to mischievous tree trolls
  8. Become Line friends with Japanese camphor trees
  9. “Holly” Devil, it’s Spring again!
  10. Vitamin Ginkgo for your November Depression
  11. Is the feminization of tea culture leading to the loss of the zen-spirit?
  12. DIY Forest Therapy 森林浴
  13. How the Search for Tree Spirits Started (first blog, 23/09/2018)

South-East and South Asia

  1. Why do Thai Tree Spirits like Red Fanta ?
  2. the dark wood wide web: prologue


Northern Europe

  1. Sacred “Garden” trees of Norway and Sweden
  2. Norwegian Birch Bark
  3. Norwegian Easter: time for ash and crime
  4. Norway Spruce, a story about Shaman Claus, mushrooms and fire
  5. in less extent (but with insights about Norway): Meeting Japan’s curse spirits during a Forest Bath

Belgium (my birth country)

  1. Pomegranate: the fruit of Yalda, Yule and Yin (one part is about Belgium)
  2. DIY Forest Therapy 森林浴
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Listen to the stories of the Trees

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