Forest Therapy Guiding

My Path as a Forest Therapy Guide

Please let me introduce myself shortly:

My training in USA 

In September 2019 I started my training in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (USA) to become a forest and nature therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT), who explain who is actually the therapist and who is the guide:

The forest itself is the therapist. We don’t train therapists; we train guides. By slowing people down and facilitating sensory experiencing, guides open the doorways through which the forest can accomplish its healing work.

I wrote a blog about the changes and reflections I made during the first and on-site part of this training: The Forest Awakens – or starting my journey to become a forest therapy guide. As a trainee I learn how  “to facilitate safe gentle walks, provide instructions for sensory opening activities along the way”. From March 15th, 2020 I will have a certificate. From then I would be able to identify good trails, with eye for safety and high sensory experience, and guide people from over the wood wide world to connect deeper or again with the wild around and in us. If you are also interested in this training, I recommend to visit their website:

Forest bathing in Japan

  1. In Japan, I co-organised group expeditions to the official certified forest therapy bases, where a professional will measure also your blood pressure and other stress indicators before and after a forest bath. Here is a blog about the first expedition: Motosu, Gifu, June 16, 2019
  2. I gave also a forest therapy session during the forest weekend retreat in Tsunago, Nagano, August 17-18; 2019. This was not according to the ANFT methods. You can read a blog about this here
  3. The first forest bath according to the ANFT methods was guided in Nagoya, December 1st 2019: (blog coming soon)

Forest therapy in Belgium

  1. Forest therapy session during a yoga and hike weekend in Belgian ardennes, 12-14 October 2019,: Guiding my first Forest Bath – and reconnecting with Belgium in October
  2. Second forest therapy session in my childhood forest, November 17th, 2019: Fear and Floating in a Flemish Forest

Wanna find out where I am guiding my next forest baths in the coming 2-3 months? 

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