Dryad Stories

For some years I am working at an e-book called “the dark wood wide web”.  Until the release, I will share some excerpts for feedback and promotion. The story takes place in Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and Belgium.

Prologue: Budsaba, a Thai secret agent, goes undercover in a temple of a sect of women worshipping female mysteries of life and working in reforestation of the earth

Chapter 1. How the London Plane Detoxes: Jasmin and her elder sister Myrtle are in London to visit her old friend Elaleh. Or that is what they say their purpose is…


Additionally, here you can find a list of all the published short stories and blogs which are related to dryads (tree spirits).

  1. Why do Thai tree spirits drink Red Fanta? (memories)
  2. How Dewi Became a Dryad  (fiction – coming soon)

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Listen to the stories of the Trees

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