I like to express myself through photographs, video and mostly creative writing.

This blog:

I ordered blogs about trees, their relationship to humans, stories, forest therapy experiences according to the associated region. In the last year, I have been woodwide, but especially in …

  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Thailand

Fiction books

My first novel is published in November 2019: “Als Meubels Konden Spreken“. Unfortunately it’s only in Flemish.

For some years I am working on a mystical eco-thriller about broken family relationships, celebrating nature and strong female energy. The story takes place in Scotland, Japan, Cameroon and Pakistan. The title is “Berkensap”, which can be translated as “Birch juice”.

Visual arts

In my free time, I love taking photographs, or even making some videos:

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.16.35                                                                                             Koyasan is the center of Shingam esoteric Buddhism and one of the most sacred places in Japan. Astrid and I were there for around 40 hours, and this is our small travelogue.
starring Astrid, Wendy and a lot of trees
filmed by Astrid, Wendy and some rocks
edited by Wendy