June – July- August: Organising trips in Japan

Sunday June 16: visit forest therapy base in Motosu-shi, Japan

For 5500 yen: forest therapy consultation and session, yoga, conversation time, onsen, and lunch are included in the fee.  Train fare is not included. For registration: visit the website of yoga studio Mind-Body.Space, click here

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 16.04.42.png
Visit to one of my favourite places in Japan, during one of my favourite times (blue hour)

September: start  forest therapy guide training in Colorado, USA

Interested to also do a training, visit and apply at the website of ANFT:

October – November: Practising in Belgium

11-13 October: hiking and yoga weekend

organised by Greenhouse Yoga, where I get chance to give a first session to the participants about forest therapy, registration opens in June

December: back in Japan

No plans yet, but ideas are sprouting 😉

Keep an eye on this page if you are in Japan or plan to visit this country and like to join an event to experience and learn more about the healing power of nature.

Past events – Reports 


Listen to the stories of the Trees

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