My path with nature

As I write these words, it’s dark outside in Brussels, my new and temporary home. I close my eyes to calm my mind, accelerated from daily ‘obligations’. There’s a place within me that I can reach when I slow down, and it’s the same (or a very similar) place I reach when I am in nature. I am also nature, a part of nature. But sometimes I forget, especially when the road gets bumpy, as it often does.

Argentina is my home, the land that welcomed me when I was born into this world. The land where I grew up and learned to love nature in a very deep way. Species like hummingbirds, cauquenes, jacarandas, aguaribays, arrayanes, lengas, alerces, maitenes, araucarias… Just connecting to the feeling of them is healing and transports me to heart warming memories. It also helps me further dissolve the tensions in my mind.

I grew up in the Argentine countryside surrounded by sounds of my family, some technology, birds, horses, dogs, the wind and silence. Sometimes the silence was strong and hard to handle. Probably because it made me listen to my inner noise more, and that was the hardest part. Living there made me feel different from other kids, who lived in what I thought were ‘cooler’ places. At home, we also had some trouble, my father being sick for many years.

With time, life and nature have been teaching me. I realized how wonderful the place I lived in was. I became aware of the many, many blessings I was lucky enough to receive. I started practicing lying down on the ground and letting the Earth know I was ready to surrender. This is one of the things that I find most healing: just (trying to) let go of ‘control’ and giving it all to nature.

In 2019 I moved to Belgium, and it’s mainly this strong bond with, and love of, nature that drove me here, as strange as it may sound. My love for nature pushes me to try to help it. I feel I owe nature, because of all it’s done and does for me. How can I not try to help? Almost inconceivable. I came to Belgium because there’s a drive inside me that wants to learn more, to gain skills, to find the right place or the right way to do as much as I can for nature. Is there a right or best way? Can I do something? No idea, yet. But I’m trying, I’m searching. 

Sometimes it’s hard here too. Questions flood my being, I feel so nostalgic, adapting to such a different environment can hurt. But I’ve found healing nature here too. And unlike Argentina, I find it more democratic. The forests close to Brussels continue to amaze me. Free and open for all, at least that’s how I see them. I’m making friends with the trees, sharing with them my fears, hopes and wounds. Discovering their stability and gentleness. Their strength and their simplicity. I’m learning to trust them and to let go. When I do let go, I realize this is the same as in Argentina. Names, weather, geography, species might be different. But deep down it’s the same. We’re all the same. And that realization is blissful to me. Thank you nature, thank you life, I bow to you.